Monday, May 3, 2010

More Candle Holders and a PROUD Momma ;)

Not too long ago, I posted a Living room Makeover and was happy with the way it turned out. . .kind of.
The antler horn candle holders just weren't fitting in like they should so. . . .

Off to the DI I went. . . .

The candle sticks were already painted black but not very well. I sanded them down and found out that they had once been a hunter green color as well.
I finally got them sanded down to where I could work with them and painted them black again. I distressed the edges and gave them a coat of varnish too.
I locktited the dishes onto the candle sticks and threw some white candles that were found at the DollarTree.

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I think the makeover for my shelf and picture display is finally complete. . . .Maybe. . . until I found something else that might look super fab up there ;)

Ps- Isn't that the cutest picture of Magoo up there now?? I mean, she is ALWAYS super cute looking - sometimes not cute ACTING or BEHAVING- but that is her dance pic for this year and I think it turned out wonderful! Her recital was last Saturday night(May 1st) and I'm soooo PROUD of her!! She did a fantastic job.:D

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Ok. . . I couldn't help myself. I had to post her dance pictures. . .


Brit said...

They turned out super cute! The little girls performing were ADORABLE :)

I love that you are so stinking crafty

Sadie said...

She did so good. I had fun hanging with you. Love the candlesticks.

Life in Rehab said...