Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dollar Store Sign goes Garden Decoration

I fell in love with this little turtle-dude the other day at the Dollar Tree. I wasn't so much in love with the sign he was on though.

Hmmm. . . .

I came across some super cute ideas on what to make from these signs on Cute as a Fox where she took one and made it into a message board.
It was is a cute idea and I love her matching magnets but I didn't want to cover over my little evil-eyed turtle. . .

It sat in my craft trunk for quite a while and then it hit me!
I'll just cut him out and stick him outside in my garden. . . (that's where turtles belong don't they?)

And it was just as easy as that. I used some tin snips. . . cut around my turtle. . . .folded under the edges with some pliers so it wouldn't be so sharp. . . and stuck a metal stick up his b----back.
(I found a set of two hummingbird feeders with just the right kind of metal props to use on this for a dolla' at Family Dollar)


I also cut out some of the flowers from around the sign and coiled up some 16gauge craft wire to give it a little bobbley 3-D effect.
Locktite Extreme worked well to adhere all the goodies to my turtle.


He hasn't quite made it out into the garden though. Its been too cold and nasty to even START a garden this year so he'll have a repreve until the sun comes out and stays for awhile.

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Shel at Dreamy Nest said...

Wow! That's creative!! Great job and it's too cute!

I'm visiting over from the Kreative Knack - she gave us both the Trendy Blog award. *waves hi*

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