Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I was super excited when Kurt Coates of Blue Mule Auctions in Shelley, Idaho asked for a sponsor spot on my blog. How freakin' awesome is that?!?!
Of course I said it was fine. Its at his auctions are where I find a lot of my goodies to revamp and refinish. (plus. . .its not like I had a million sponsors ready to mud wrestle for a place on my blog.)

Blue Mule Auctions

Check out his website and see what he has for the upcoming auctions or for a map so you can go to one yourself.

They are a kick in the pants to attend and Wednesday night auctions are fitty-cent hotdog nights!!
Come on down and I'll buy you a weiner- (Inside joke but I had to include it. hahaha)

Thanks again Kurt and Becky!!!
You guys are FANTASTIC!!!

Check out this super cute table on humble sticks that came from one of his auctions!!!


Brit said...

I need to shmoooooooze more...I want them on my website :)

I'll see ya there for a weiner and a good time.

Jackie said...

Are you callin' me a shmooooozer?? Its ok if you are. . . its the truth. hehehe.

Sadie said...

Good job on getting a sponsor!! Thanks for linking me!!