Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spice Rack

I was so excited to start on this, I spaced taking a BEFORE pic.
You'll just have to use your imagination, I suppose.

It WAS just plain wood. . . brown and boring. . .
I sanded it down. . painted it sage green. .. distressed the edges. . . added some chicken wire.

I think it ended up turning out super cute.
The pictures just don't do it justice.

Whats up, McCormick??
Just giving a shameless shout out . . . and some free advertising on my blog. . . you guys should definately send me some free samples or something. . . its the right thing to do.


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Have you heard about this fun promotion??

Soleil 100 Days: "There are thousands of fun, sharable prizes in the BIC® Soleil® 100 Days of Sunshine promotion. Join now!"

I went to a house party sponsered by Bic Soleil last night and heard about this little contest.
You should definately check it out.
PS- I got some freebies last night (score!) and one of them was a shaver. . . I used it this morning and it was fab. Gotta give Bic some props and a big thank you to Brit for letting me come :D


a little lovely said...

Thanks for the idea. I'm going to play around with them today to see what I can come up with :)

Anonymous said...


Gloria McAllister
Roanoke, Virginia

Brit said...

Whoo hoo, I'm glad you liked it. I love love my razor and love freebies. I'm excited for your house party.