Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's day gift - Bread Box Revamp

Don't tell my mom that her Mother's day present came from the DI!!

Ok- So its not a huge secret because I already told her to make a place on her counter for a bread box and she is very well aware of the fact that I can hardly force myself to pay retail for ANYTHING.
Buuuut- She is a wonderful mom and puts up with my strange personality and anticts so its all good.


It wasn't as easy to pull appart as I had thought or hoped. That puppy was nailed together GooooOOOooood.
I finally got it and started sanding off all the varnish.


Spray paint, Distress, and Laquer. . . . .







Its going to look fabulous on her black granite counter top!!!
I am going to stick a big ol' fat loaf of bread from Great Harvest in there too. That should count for something and counteract the DI present, shouldn't it?!?


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Gwen said...

Super cute, she'll love it. You need to make it so that more posts show at a time. Cute stuff!

Sadie said...

It turned out fabulous!! I wish I was your mom.

Sandy said...

I absolutely love my new bread box! It looks great in my kitchen, and I dont even care if it came from the DI. I love it! Thanks to my wonderful daughter who is talented and beautiful. Happy Mother's day to you too. :)

Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

I can picture that on a black granite counter and I bet it looks awesome. Great job, it looks wonderful.