Monday, May 10, 2010


♪♫♪ Like a Rhinestone Cowboygirl!!♫♪♫
I wasn't even going to post this but oh wells. . . here goes. . hahaha.

Confession:I orginally was bidding on this at the auction (BLUE MULE) because I was planning on redoing it for myself to wear. Come to find out, IT WAS WAAAAAYY TOO SMALL for my fat head. Lucky for me, I have an adorable little girl with a head just perfect enough to wear it.

The top was kind of goofy and too tall (I hope I don't have any REAL cowboys reading this-BLASTPHEMY!!)
I squished the top down a little and hotglued the sides together and then cut off the excess that was hanging down inside.
I braided some 1/4" ribbon and threw that one wear the black ribbonie-thing use to be.


I pulled appart a few fake flowers I had lying around and layered them onto the front.


I had some little silver metal star brads that I cut off the clips to and glued them over the "vent holes".
(You can't really see them in any of the pictures but they are there. . .trust me. . .)


Yeah- I know. . . not one of my more glorious projects. . . .


Magoo got a kick out of it though.
The little buck-a-roo rodeo is coming up at the end of the summer so maybe I'll enter her in it this year. I'll seriously cry if she comes home with a chicken (real one)though.

I suppose I could always revamp him into dinner ;)

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Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

What a cute model you have and the hat looks great on her. Thanks for commenting on my Elmer's glue crackle project. You asked if I had tried spray paint, and yes, it works very well as a base coat, but not a top coat. I use acrylic for all the top coats in the pics. Thanks for coming by!

Life in Rehab said...

Revamp him into dinner? Bwahahahahahahahaha!