Friday, July 30, 2010

Braggin' about the finds. . . .

I haven't stopped thrifting but it seems like I haven't been finding many things that inspire a revamp. Thats ok though. . . .

Over the last month or so I have been finding some super cute, super cheap pottery/planters and have added to my collection.

. . . like this one. . . .
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. . . 50cents and is now the home to some chives. . .

. . . and these. . .
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.. . .those were 75cents each. . . .

. . .and these were 50cents each. . .
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Last but not least. . . I paid $3 for this Jack Daniels pitcher. . .it is HUGE!
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Awww. . . .I love me some sa-weet finds ;)

Its for the birds. . .

Check out this Sa-weet bird cage. . . .

I got it at the DI for $3 and it was full of crazy plastic greenery crap and birds. . .
I went to an aerobics class the night that I bought it and was showing it off to a friend of mine. We had a bored/creative/crazy moment while waiting for classs to start and came up with this ultra-cool (yeah right), trendy (tacky), decorating idea. . . (hahaha. It still makes me laugh. . . )

Oh yeah. . . I know you all are super jealous of my hot bird art thats turning heads on my truck. ;) Its made it done the freeway a couple of times and I'm only down the roadrunner. Magoo thought it was the greatest thing in the world so I thought I would leave it on there for awhile. Who knows. . . maybe it'll turn into the next 'big thing'. hahaha

Ok. . . .On to the real revamp project. . .

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Kind of cute, huh??

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I really wish I would have taken a pic with all of the goodies in it before I started tearing it appart. It was too funny. :)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Crazy Cheap Rustic Wreath

HUGE bunch of flowers. . . 50 cents. . .


Twig Wreath. . . .$1. . . .


Put them together with some hot glue and jute. . . .CUTE!. . .


How's that for cheap and easy?? My two favorite things. . . hahaha

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Blog needs some LOVE :)

Hey. . . check out this blog!!
Recipes and WhatNot
There is only a couple of posts but there are more to come :D
Leave them some comment love and make it one of the blogs you follow!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Shepperd's Hook Repair

We had a crazy, violent windstorm a while ago and it destroyed my mom's brand-new sheppards hook :(
It was made of a heavy gauge metal but appartently wasn't welded very well at the bottom and it snapped right off.
I wanted to try and salvage it so I filled an old planter with concrete and braced the hook in it until it could cure.


I left a little space at the top of the concrete to fill with potting mix and plant some flowers in.



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Thursday, July 1, 2010

All in!

Christmas in July??


I found this serving tray at the DI for $1.50.

A little black spray paint, a deck of playing cards and some Mod Podge turned it into this. . .


One of these years, I am going to host a poker night or a casino party and use this to carry drinks and stuff in.


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