Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Long Live the DECO BALL

Who doesn't LOVE a cute Deco ball?? They are super easy to make and what makes them even MORE FABULOUS is they are a fraction of the cost of what they are priced at in the store!

Here's another style that is messy but fun.

Get your balls ready. . . (hehehe. Balls.)

I used some styrofoam ones I found at Kings that were pretty inexpensive. I think there were 12 in a pack for $1.33 or so.
I am a little messy when it comes to crafting so I stuck the ball on the end of a bamboo skewer so I wouldn't get the glue all over my hands (yeah right. . . I still got glue everywhere. .. )


I found the moss at the Dollar Tree and seperated a little out into a container so I could roll the ball in it without much trouble. I doused the ball with the glue and went to work.
After I rolled it in the moss, I had to use my hands (got glue EVERYWHERE!)and kind of squish it on there tight. (Like I was forming a snow ball)




I made a few and threw them in my "Bowl-o-Balls"


Hey!! LOOK!
I made a bean ball like House of Hepworths :)


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Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

Your "bowl o' balls" cracks me up but they look great! Love the added texture of the green moss balls, they are clever.