Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Uhhhh. . . . The FISH

I couldn't help myself. . . .


Yup. . . I bought it alright. . .


My excuse for this one is, Magoo was with me at the thrift store and she was egging me on to get the 'Fishie'.
I would put it in the cart and take it out and put it back on the shelf. . . .Back in the cart. . . .back on the shelf.
"We should just get the fishie, Mom"
. . . Awwhhh. . . . sweet validation from a 4 year old. . .
"We should, shouldn't we?"
And there you have it.
This was another one of those things that my mom gave me her famous 'one eyebrow raised tsk-tsk' manuevers. The only answer I had was "Just wait and see. . .Just wait and see"


Ok. . . so its still is a little strange. . . I put it in my bedroom where there was room for it to have a nice, happy, tacky little home. I guess I was feeling some tacky withdrawls since I painted my mirror. . .hahaha

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Life in Rehab said...

OMG, you have my fish!