Friday, April 9, 2010

Dollar Store Revamp

I am definately a regular customer at a few of the dollar stores around town. Here's some goodies I found yesterday and what they ended up to be. . .

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My lovely daughter, Magoo, loves to help and today she wanted to be the 'glue model'. A little of this loctite goes a long way. It typically takes 15-20 minutes to set and 24 hours to cure. I found this at Wal-mart in the home improvement section.

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Apply a thin line of loctite around the edge of the candle stick holder and press onto the bottom of the glass. It dries mostly clear but be careful and wipe away any 'spooges' with a damp cloth.

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Finished product!
Two glass candle stick holders -- complete with the scented (cinnamon and cedar) candles for 6smackers. Try buying those puppies at Pier 1 for that price!!

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Brit said...

These turned out really cute...I need to go find me some candle sticks for a project I am working on right now...I will go tomorrow!

Jackie said...

FYI: They had some super fab ones at the DollarTree on 17th Street.

Sadie said...

I love how these turned out. You need to blog about the table leg ones too.

Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

I keep seeing these in blogland, I am going to have to just do it! Love yours and the candles, by the way.