Friday, April 9, 2010

Cute but needed something a little more. . . .

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This display cupboard was ok to begin with after I got it cleaned up a little but it lacked personality. I decided to sand it down a little and cover it with some scrap book paper. I cut the pieces to fit, used a some spray adhesive to mount them, and then some Mod Podge to seal the deal.

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I decided that this should probably live in the kids room and would be a perfect seat for Magoo's fairy girls.
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Ta-da! Quick and easy makeover for a swell thrifty find. :)


Brit said...

Super cute! I love that you Modge Podge...I'm going to call you MPQ...Modge Podge Queen :)

Jackie said...

I'm pretty certain that anything can be accomplished with a sponge and a jar of Mod Podge. . . .:D