Friday, April 9, 2010

Anything's a planter. . . .

I'm also a big believer in recycling and came up with a new purpose for all my empty yogurt containers. In gearing up for this year's garden, I've turned them into seed starters and they work well. (They are also good for brush water while painting. . .that's one of the reason and hang onto the things.)

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Empty your yogurt container and rinse with plain water.

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Make a little hole in the bottom so the water can drain through and the dirt would mold. Fill it with some potting mix, pop in a seed, and Wa-Lah!! A cheap and easy way to start your seeds for your garden. When you are ready to transfer them outdoors, you can turn the container upside down, gently press on the bottom and the plant should slide right out.

Another thing I do is recycle my kitty litter boxes into seed trays. Cut off the top 2/3 of the container, poke holes in the bottom, and there ya go. Its a little harder to transefer the plants though. . you have to dig them out and untangle all the roots. . . I like the yogurt containers better.
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And what else? Another fabulous thrift store find turned into a planter??!
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This one is ceramic and its hard to poke a drainage hole so just use a little bit of gravel in the bottom. I usually just go outside and pick up a handfull of pebbles but you could use a little bit of washed aquarim rocks too.


Brit said...

you are SO funny...I love the yogurt plug!

Jackie said...

I was hoping Heidi would happen upon it and hook me up with something cool. . . I've watched every episode of every season of Project Runway so its like we're best friends ya know. . . hahaha