Thursday, April 29, 2010

Easy Hair Bow Holders

I came across a similiar idea on someone's blog the other day but I can't seem to remember where I saw it. (I follow a TON of super talented, crazy creative blogs)
I knew I wanted to try and make one so I made a trip to the dollar store to see what I could come up with.


I found some large, unfinished wood certificate frames that I figured would work just fine. (In hind site, I wish I would have held out for a bigger frame at the DI. . . . Like one that would take up most of a wall in the kid's bathroom)
I also found some decent ribbon there so I grabbed a few spools of that as well. After a little spray paint and some hot glue, I ended up with this. . . .

I left the glass in the frame because I knew that it would probably end up in the kid's bathroom and for some reason (Wild and Crazy Kiddos Splashing in the TUB), the walls in there get a little wet from time to time and I didn't want the paper to get ruined. Well, its not actually paper either. . . .I took a gift bag that I liked the print on and chopped it apart to fit the frame.


Super cute hair bows, huh?? I have to give props to Sadie for the Organza ones. :) She gave them to me but I've been forced to share with the girls. . . I have my own secret stash of hair clips and flowers in my bathroom but apparently its not such a big secret since they find their way into the girls's hair every now and then.
Here is another holder I put in the kid's bathroom. It has a little more room for storage with the pieces of ribbon hanging down.

I planned on taking a picture to show what it looked like with some clips on it but Magoo was being such a wonderful little helper with the decorating and had it so full you couldn't see anything but FLOWERS. I couldn't talk her out of taking a few off JUST for a picture but I think you get the point.

This one also has a fun little spray paint Faux-Finish on it.


The picture really isn't showing the finish very well but its kind of a fun one to mess around with sometimes.

-Paint your item your base color and let dry.
-Take your secondary color and spray over the top of the first.
-Then take a spritz bottle and mist some water over the paint. It will kind of seperate and bubble.
-Let your water/paint coat dry and then take a paper towel or a cloth and blot the item to break the bubbles. It might need a little more drying time after this step if the bubbles had any water in them.
I usually seal mine with a coat of clear laquer or poly urethane.

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Brit @ esbe chic said...

I love it..what a fun idea :)

kimmykats said...

This would be wonderful for all of Lizzies stuff that gets spread around the house! Thanks for stopping by and glad you like the projects!!