Friday, April 23, 2010

Tested but not Bested- and an UPDATE :)

I've seen quite a few of these weird little bowls at the thrift stores lately. I haven't figured out what the doo-hicky in the middle is for though.
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I decided to chop this one out but it wasn't such a grand idea because the hole when all the way through and it was a hefty one. Grrrr. . .

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I then took a hand saw and proceeded to cut down the knobby thing I removed into a disk to cover the hole.

Not such a good idea either. . .

Instead of using a clamp or a sturdy table to hold the knob while I was cutting, I just held it in my left hand and managed to slice more off my thumb than I did said knob. . .grrrrr.
A few bandaids and some splintered wood later, I salvaged a chuck of the knob and got it loctited in.

After I had stopped bleeding and the loctite had time enough to cure, I whipped out the sandpaper and showed my evil bowl who was boss. (Pay back from the day before).

Now to decide what color it was going. Black? Eh. . . I have tons of black. . Cream? Maybe. . .
To make a long story short and save you most of my complaining, it got a coat of every color of paint I had and I hated every one of them.
By this time, I'm not having so much fun and was really considering chuckin' my bowl in the trash. . .

One more try and if it turns out like crap, its getting burnt. I had had enough trouble out of it and thought it was my duty to spare any other revamper the heartache of this horrid little monster.

This is what I finally ended up with.


I actually made the twine ball from a styrofoam ball I found at the DI for $.50 (had a Roberts Craft price sticker still on it for $4.49. Score!) I had a roll of jute and had seen another blog where they had hot glued some twine onto a nerf ball so I decided to try and make a similar one. Two words: Time Consuming!
The other ball I also found at the DI for $.75. I saw the exact ones in Wally World about twenty minutes before hand priced at $10 for 3. Score again!

UPDATE: It was Allison at HoH that did the nerfball to deco-ball. She is fantastic! Check out her tutuorial and make a few for yourself. Like I said before though. . . .they are super time consuming but totally worth it in the end :)

PS: Those weird bowls are for nuts. The little do-hicky in the middle with the little holes are to hold the nut cracker things and tools to get the shells off. I saw another one of these at the DI and it had all the pieces to it and I had one of those "OOooooOOOoo. I get it now moments" when I saw what it was for. hehehehe

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Brit said...

Super cute.

Boo to getting hurt while crafting :)

I'm going to link up to your site sometime in the next 2 do a feature about you... :)

Letherton said...

very cute

I stumbled across your blog and wanted to say hi.
Take a minute an check my blog out
I have lots of great giveaways going on.
Thanks :)

Sadie said...

I want some twin balls!

Jackie said...

Sadie: you can come and look at my balls anytime ;)

Made.By.Jess said...

just found your site. Love it. I'm a new follower...
love the revamped junk b/c I am also a revamper... lol

Kat @ Black Kats Design said...

Hi. Thanks for following me over at Black Kats Design. I'm your newest follower. I like your site. "Junk" revamping is thrill. I also have the little voice screaming "Buy It, Buy It"

Hope you visit again soon.


Black Kats Design

Allison @ House of Hepworths said...

Your bowl post cracked me up! You are a funny gal.

I'm loving the end result though. Oh, and I'm pretty sure it was *my* decor ball you saw - I think I'm the only one who's used a nerf ball.

Aren't they great? I totally love how your bowl and balls turned out. Burnt and bleeding thumbs were worth it!