Monday, June 7, 2010

Canisters. . . aka Boxes-O-Stink

Sweeeeet deal at the DI.
Set of 3 . . .Price $4.00
In my immense excitement, I failed to look closely. . .literally look closely and hold my face down by these. I got them home. . .snaped some pictures. . .started ripping them appart. . and then the SMELL hit me. . .



These had some little plastic inserts and as soon as I pull them out, I figured out WHY they were at the DI and marked $4.


Seriously- The only thing I can think of is these were once used to store cat shi---. . . used kitty litter and vomit. Holy Smack!
I really considered trashing these stinky things but I knew they had potential.

Baking Soda. . . and time. . .

awww. . .much better.

The little glass pieces that were glued in the tops were el'gross-o too! I popped out those puppies out and tossed them right where they belonged.(the garbage dumpster)

After a little TLC (sanding and spray paint) on my fresher smelling little canisters, I added some chicken wire and they were complete. . . . almost. . .




I think these are going to need a little vinyl on the fronts to finish them off. . .

I found a sweet deal on etsy from The Artsy Nerd and knabbed some crazy cheap stars. (She was fantastic to work with. . . super quick shipping, too)


Saw-weeet. . . . :D

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Brit said...

I always get excited when you post! I'm always like "yay, what did she do now!"

Super cute stink boxes. I think i can smell them all the way over here :)

oh wait that's my dog.

Good job Jackie!

Jackie said...

Sure, Brit. . . blame it on the dog. Ha Ha

Joy McDaniel said...

Too cute. BTW you need to let me know what spice labels you want and/or jars.